Business plan.

An Air Park USA inflatable adventure park is a highly profitable business with an extremely short payback period. Our experience has shown that sales in the first month usually exceed the cost of the inflatable equipment.

Our experience allows us to share various financial information. Occupancy rates will be much higher at the weekends and evenings compared to early mornings and the middle of the daytime.

Sourcing the right location can be crucial for obtaining shorter payback periods

Highly populated, medium income areas with a family orientated demographics perform best

The size of site has a major factor on the income and the profitability of the business

The larger the site, the higher the overheads, more rent, more staffing levels, more costs. We have found the best size of site to be circa 20,000sq ft to 30,000 sq ft. This allows for the WOW factor and the space required to give the ideal consumer experience but not the extortionate costs generated by larger sites of 40,000sq ft plus. Larger site does NOT automatically mean more profits. Even if the income is higher the profits can be swallowed by the unnecessary running costs of the larger sites.

Income potential.

Average spend per person $15 entrance plus secondary spend $4
Average spend 5 years under $10 entrance plus secondary spend $4
Average occupancy weekend 50% occupancy rate =664 paying clients per day
=336 5 and under per day
Average occupancy mid week 15% occupancy rate =200 paying clients per day
=100 5 and under per day
2328 clients per week x $19.0 =$44,232 per week
1172 5 and under per week x $14.0 =$16,408 per week
Party sales of 30 per week x $290.00 =$8,700 per week
Total suggested income =$69,340 per week
Total per annum =$3,605,680.00


Expect weekend occupancy rates, all day, every day which will significantly increase the income.

The above figures are based on the footfall that parks are achieving. Some parks are much busier with in excess of 1500 plus clients per day at the weekends.

Non paying spectators that attend with paying clients are encouraged as they spend significantly on secondary transactions which aren’t included in the above financials.


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